Admin tools
Event receiver
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Alarm Manager

Get control over your alarms. Whenever, wherever and however you prefer.

Prioritize, filter and handle production alerts and events in a well designed and easy-to-use system.

  • The Admin tools gives you an overview of the event allocation and helps you find and solve unhandled events.
  • Take instant and predefined actions on incoming alerts.
  • Configure which and when events are sent to you and how to handle them when you are not available.
  • Analyze your alarms and their responses for continious improvements of your routines.

Alarm functions

Filter & Sort
In the Alarm and Event overview the administrator can filter and sort events, alarms, users, date and machines to secure the best coverage of critical production status.
Analyze & Report
Find your strength and weakness in responding to your alarms. See the connection between response time, alarm type, machine and your personnel so you can optimize your routines.
Delegate & Allocate
The administrator can set up an escalation chain with people that will get the alarms when the previous user does not take action. The visual indicators on machines and alarms indicate where allocation is not solved and allocation needs to be done.
Manage Resources
Add information about colleagues and suppliers linked to the system. Manage competences, fees and costs, availability, location and other tags of your choice, when the previous user does not take action.

Admin tools

In the system you can define groups of event receivers that can be assigned to receive specific events. In Connectitude IIoT Platform Alarms it is easy to design workflows and actions for your alerts. Combine alarm codes, groups of machines and groups of users to tailor your response. Or use templates for more standardized situations.

Event receiver

When Connectitude IIoT Platform™ Alarm generates an alert you will instantly get all the information and the options for actions you need. Solve the task, add your input and pictures, create a reminder or just forward it in the list of preferred colleagues and suppliers. Always with full traceability in every step.

User settings

Make sure you just get the right alerts. Configure which alerts you want notifications for and when you are on duty for alarms. Add your competencies and assigned machines. Add your fees and fares if you are a third party service supplier.