Give your machines the leading edge

Offer your customers all the functions found under Production. As machine builder you also get lower costs and faster cycles for sales, service and RnD.


Add great value to your buisness

Proactive sales
Get alerts on new sales opportionities and get automated routines for recurring sales.
Improved service
Monitor your customers machines and offer service, maintaince and spare parts when needed.
Data driven development
Gather accurate data from all stages of development and from your customers actual user scenarios.

Flexible and functional – working for your needs

Add any existing websites or forms to the user’s dashboards, for faster services and purchases.
Process view
Customers will get more attractive monitoring, you will get faster troubleshooting and support.
Alarms and events
Help your customers to avoid stops and breakdowns through proactive services or sales.
Compare data between machines for optimal configurations or claims management.
Offer your customerd tailormade and tamper proof reports or subscribe to them yourself.
Manual events
Track service, maintaince and purchase orders created by customers or your service and support.
Update various media files for machines etc to ensure all stakeholders have uniform information.
Safe sharing of conversations, videos, tasks and more in your and your customers organizations.
Industrial Protocols
Compatible with various field bus protocols allows easy retrofitting and future hardware flexibility.
Wireless devices
Supports communication with wireless sensors and hardwares over Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa and more.