Optimize your production and avoid stops

Make it easy to collaborate effectitively and share insights from your production. Let every role have optimal tools for performingtheir tasks and routines.


Add great value to your buisness

Let your machines and sensors turn guesswork to easy accessible facts.
Avoid unplanned stops and events through proactive alarms.
Safely share trends, real-time data, files and tasks to colleagues and partners.

Flexible and functional – working for your needs

Share vizualized parameters from your production efficiency and make Loss Tree-analyzes.
Process view
Drag-and-drop graphic elements to create a visual model of your processes and their parameters.
Alarms and events
Avoid production stops by proactive alerts . Acknowlegde or delegate with a click.
Compare and analyze parameters over time. Visualize cause and effect of alarms and events.
Create, automatize, scheduel and distribute recurring reports on production, maintenance etc.
Manual events
Track ad hoc efforts as repairs, maintenance or manual processes as assembly and test.
Effectively store and update all media regarding your machines and processes.
Safe and easy sharing of comments, photos etc related to specific machines, teams and processes
Industrial Protocols
Connect devices from various brands and field bus protocols to a single point of information.
Create higher engagement in your production teams by sharing live data and comparative trends
Wireless devices
Supports communication with wireless sensors and hardwares over Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa and more.