Trim your perfomance at sea

Track all essential information, get relevant alerts and have your reports ready wherever you are. Create optimal tools for all stakeholders, both sea dogs and land lubbers.


Add great value to your buisness

Built for the physical conditions and the legal requirements at sea.
Full functionality even during long periods without Internet Connection.
Customised dashboards and reports offers relevant information to all stake holders on land or at sea.

Flexible and functional – working for your needs

Offline mode
The platform keeps gathering data and allows full functionality even in its off-line mode.
Adaptive mode
Adjusts frequency and priorities for your data traffic when bandwith is low or with high cots.
Tamper-free reports
Report emissions and exhausts to authorities with full traceability to the data signed by your devices.
The platform is compatible for hardwares and softwares supporting NMEA’s GPS standard.
Granular access rights and customized dashboards provides work tools and data for all stakeholders.
Alarms and Events
Get alerts of conditions of the ship and it’s cargo well ahead it gets critical.
Machine learning helps you plan ahead when and where maintenance, repairs etc are best done.
Compare ships, routes and more in graphs to see how costs and freight times can be trimmed.
Approved hardwares
We provide IPCs, approved for marine use by GL and DNV, with all platform SW pre-installed.
Wireless devices
Supports communication with wireless sensors and hardwares over Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa and more.