Help us achieve sustainable industrial production

We live in a world of abundance, on borrowed time. Industrial production has a huge impact on our world. Together we can reverse the trend. At the same time we give the pirates a match.








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A connected world requires a new attitude

At Connectitude we drive digitalization in industrial sectors by connecting people, things and ideas to enable collaboration and insights.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Darwin’s theory of survival is also valid within the business world. Today more than ever! It’s not enough to think of sustainability on our spare time. We believe that openness and collaboration are essential when meeting our world and customers’ requirements and demands.

Be helpful

... over competing. Both methods are effective. Team spirit for the win!

Dare to try

... over analyzing and planning. Both ways are important. In the pursuit of innovation, however, one rarely finds the answer in theory.

Create value

... over function. Technology and functions are a prerequisite. To drive rapid improvements in the industrial industry requires joint forces.

Company history
Working at Connectitude
Recruitment process

Our process has a touch of gamification. There are different levels and challenges in order to find your strength! We all need to be different in order to succeed as a team.

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