Give your machines the leading edge

Offer your customers all the functions in IIoT for Factories. As machine builder you also get lower costs and faster cycles for sales, service and R&D.

Proactive sales

Get alerts on new sales opportunities and get automated routines for recurring sales.

Improved service

Monitor your customers machines and offer service, maintaince and spare parts when needed.

Data driven development

Gather accurate data from all stages of development and from your customers actual user scenarios.

Connected machines create loyal customers

Dashboards & Widgets

Easy visualization of your machines

Give your customers valuable data insights in real-time. Easily create dashboards with pre-made widgets to visualize the status of the machine. The end user can customize the existing dashboards or add their own from templates.

BRanded Customer Portal

Stay connected with your customers

With a branded customer portal your customers will get a seamless experience from your website to the Connectitude portal. With a login directly from your website your customers can directly access valuable data or information about their machines – in real-time.


Sell more spare parts

Recommend your customers to buy the correct spare parts at the the right time. Let your customers navigate exploded views and filtered lists that allow them to find exactly what the need. 


Your customers can optimize their production

Give your customers data driven insights from their production with Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


Share real values with reports

Offer visually attractive reports with scheduled updates and distribution.

Drag & drop

Drag-and-drop report functions, as pictures, texts, graphs, tables and more.


Easy for readers to alter time ranges and other report parameters. If allowed.

Tamper proof

Timestamps from machines and sensors ensures tamper-proof and traceable reports.


Generate and distribute reports with email on scheduled intervals.

Remote Access

VPN access to PLC:s and HMI:s.

Save time for yourself and your customers through faster troubleshooting and less travel.

Process View Designer

Create custom HMIs

Visualize your process by drag-and-drop of icons, texts and values to create completely customized dashboards that can be used as remote HMIs.

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