Connectitude IIoT Platform™


Get data driven insights from your production to optimize performance and reduce downtime

◦ Visualize availability, performance and quality levels in real time

◦ Avoid bottle necks and unwanted stops with predictive alarms

◦ Compare machine and production line performance between work shifts

The OEE features will provide a better overview and valuable insights for your production. Data from machines, personel and their surrounding conditions helps you find the real causes for bottle necks, unplanned down and quality issuses. Predictive alarms will give you the heads up to avoid them.

●     OEE Dasboard tools
makes it easy to creat graphically attractive visualitions of your production, on various levels. Customize dashboards for to the best fit for different task, roles or audiences.

●     Compare mode
helps you to find anomalies over a time line and also between work shifts, similar, machines, batches and more.

●     Manual registrations
lets you register various events and actions with a start and a stop time. For example lead times and manual maintainance. Also useful for register OEE for manual production routines, testing and assembly

●     Predictive alarms
can be calculated from combinations of values that affects your OEE score. A multitude of warning levels with corresponding work flows allows tailormade proacitivity.

●     OEE Reports
can be customized from roles and rights. Easy to subscribe to and to distribute to colleagus and business partners