Optimize your production and avoid stops

Make it easy to collaborate effectitively and share insights from your production. Let every role have optimal tools for performing their tasks and routines.


Let your machines and sensors turn guesswork to easy accessible facts.


Avoid unplanned stops and events through proactive alarms.


Safely share trends, real-time data, files and tasks to colleagues and partners.

Flexible and functional – working for your needs


Visualize your production

Get valuable data insights in real-time. Easily create dashboards with pre-made widgets to visualize the status of your factory. Dashboards can be customized for different roles and users.


Effective production with OEE

Get data driven insights from your production and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Visualize availability, performance and quality levels in real time.

Stay alert and keep track

Get notifications and instructions for actions, before the damage is done. Analyse alarms and responses for continuous improvements.


Get all your systems to work effectively together.

Use API’s for reliable real time communications and File Sync for schedueled transfers of information.


Share real values with reports

Generate visually attractive reports with scheduled updates and distribution.

Drag & drop

Drag-and-drop report functions, as pictures, texts, graphs, tables and more.


Easy to generate for different time ranges and adjust other report parameters.

Tamper proof

Timestamps from machines and sensors ensures tamper-proof and traceable reports.


Generate and distribute reports with email on scheduled intervals.

Process View Designer

Create custom HMIs

Visualize your factory process by drag-and-drop of icons, texts and values to create completly customized dashboards that can be used as remote HMIs. Accessible from anywhere – in real-time.

Manual Events

Report errors and stops

Easy recording of manual events gives you better insights and more effective work flows. Track the time allocated for manual actions and ad hoc events.

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