IIoT Partners

We work together with strategic partners in IIoT to provide extensive IoT knowledge and help industrial companies all around the world to take a digital leap forward.

Having the right partner is a key factor to succeed with Industrial IoT.

More opportunities

By partnering up with other partners on the IIoT arena we can give our customers more opportunities.

Reach customers

Our partnerships are designed to allow all parties to reach out to customers in a better way.

Knowledge transfer

By sharing knowledge and experiences we grow stronger together.


HMS Solution Partner

By working together with HMS, a global leader in the connected world we can expand in the Industrial IoT market. Connectitude supports many of the different products from HMS such as Ewon Flexy and Ewon Netbiter.


Seamless HMS Integrations

If you have an Ewon Flexy or Ewon Netbiter you will appreciate our seamless integrations and secure connections to the HMS’s cloud services; Netbiter Argos and Talk2M. Carefree and instant online access to your new and historic data for use in all the functions our platform offers.


How to connect your Ewon Flexy to the Connectitude IIoT Platform™ in less than 2 minutes!


Dell partnership

Through our partnership with DELL, users of Connectitude IIoT Platform™ will get the maximum benefit from all the features of edge and local level installations. In their range of powerful industrial PCs, DELL EDGE™ you have great freedom of choice and high performance in a compact format


  • Adapted for tough industrial environments, marine applications and assembly in work vehicles.
  • Global organization with fast deliveries and with support available 24/7.
  • Large product range offers the right performance and memory capacity for your needs.
  • Easy to configure with extensive selection of for example communication ports.
  • Connectitude IIoT Platorm ™ comes pre-installed with operating systems from Windows or Ubuntu (LINUX).

Want to know more about how to become a partner?

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