Connectitude IIoT Platform™


Offer visually attractive reports with schedueled updates and distribution.

◦ Drag-and-drop report functions, as pictures, texts, graphs, tables and more.

◦ Easy for readers to alter time ranges and other report parameters. If allowed.

◦ Timestamps from machines and sensors ensures tamper-proof and traceable reports.

With Reports everybody can create great looking reports. Share recurring reports safely to selected colleagues, customers, business partners and authorities.

●     Easy to design
Upload your existing design items as logos, report headers, pictures etc in. Drag, drop and combine with your real time values, historical trends and charts.

●     Easy to share and update
Manage access rights through existing user roles and user groups. Publish static reports or allow readers to select various parameters, as date ranges.

●     Tamper-proofreports
Offer full traceability. The data used in reports are digitally signed and timestamped by machines, sensors, and other data sources such as GPS position.