Connect your
Ewon Flexy or Ewon Netbiter

The Connectitude IIoT Gateway™ positions itself like a hub between the Ewon Flexy and Ewon Netbiter devices and the corresponding Ewon clouds. In this way our gateway not only collects the data from the Ewon devices, but also extends the core functionality in many ways. The Connectitude IIoT Portal™, with its endless possibilities of visualizing and analyzing the data, in many ways act like an extended arm to the Ewon cloud.

  • Add new derived or calculated signals based on the values from other signals by the means of expressions.
  • Configure alarm and events and their trigger conditions based on signals.
  • Execute custom logic or utilize machine learning algorithms for deeper insights and proactivity.
  • Create and design powerful live process views with a visual designer supporting simple drag & drop of components. New calculated values based on the historical and / or latest values from signals can be easily added as well.
  • Create and design anything from the most simplistic to much more advanced report templates that can be used to generate reports manually, or on a schedule.

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