Connect and start using IIoT for free

The free version of Connectitude IIoT Platform™ gives you all the features of the larger versions. No hidden costs, no credit card needed, and no excuses for not getting your IIoT projects started.

Monitor and learn

Start monitoring your machines and production to measure your success. It’s smart! It’s free!

Optimize with OEE

Get started in minutes with integrated OEE. Visualize for your team and get going.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users are included in the free version. Start using today and engage your collegues.

Get the free version

Free account

Create your free account

Your login information for Connectitude IIoT Platform™ will be sent to your e-mail address. When you log in you will have full access to support and instructions for how to connect machines, sensors and other IIoT devices.

Free version

This is included

In the free version, you will get access to cloud services of Connectitude IIoT Platform™. You will also get the software for locally installed Edge Gateways. This means that the platform will be fully operational on-line as well as off-line.

  • You can connect up to five tags from your machine’s PLC or sensors.
  • You can access tags via various industrial protocols such as OPC UA, EthernetIP, Modbus, TCP/IP, etc.
  • You can choose sample rates down to 1 second per tag.
  • Your data for the last 30 days is stored securely, upgrade to store in eternity.
  • You will have full access to instructions, tutorials, and mail support.
  • With an Ewon Flexy or Ewon Netbiter connected you you can be up and running in just minutes and visualize realtime data. 

If you need to scale up, please contact us.

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