Welcome to the party

And not just any party, but a midsummer eve party. What differs this party from most other parties, is that it’s not for any specific person – not even the host – but for everyone!

As for all parties, you as a guest are attending as much for you own sake, as for others. Everyone contributes and opens up, and it becomes just as enjoyable as you make it.

Do you want to join us at our Malmö office? Have a look at our open positions (in Swedish).

Our values

Be helpful instead of being selfish

We share our knowledge and support each other in the daily work. We have our own goals that are important – but the goals of the team and the company are more important and we always have time when a colleague needs support.

Respect and learn from each other

We all have different personalities, background and competencies. That is a strength which leads to that we complete and can learn from each other. A strength that requires that we are open minded and encourage each other to react when we see something that isn’t OK.

Create values rather than a function

We’re innovative, creative and love new technology. At the same time, we ask which impact and benefit a change gives the user. The ability to enter into our customer’s, or colleagues’, everyday life is at least as important as the technical know-how that is required.

Dare to try instead of going in old footsteps

If you think a new method or technology is better than the one you’re currently using: dare to try! Trust your intuition, test, evaluate and compare the effect!