We create competitiveness by connecting people, machines and ideas

The platform for IIoT

Connectitude IIoT Platform ™ is a complete solution for industrial IIoT. Here we have gathered and standardized all the functions and tools required to quickly and easily connect people, machines and ideas. The platform includes a large number of modules and services that work equally well to use locally as well as in the cloud. We help you in every step from planning, connecting your machines to making customized adaptations and modules. If you already have an infrastructure for gathering data but lacking user-friendly tools for analysis, monitoring, reports, we also solve this through an extensive selection of integration possibilities against our platform.

System integration

Our customers are mostly manufacturing companies or real estate companies that usually already have existing solutions for automation and business management. Some parts may work well, others need to be replaced, but above all there is a desire that all parts of the flow be able to communicate and interact better with each other. Here we help our customers at all levels. From inventory of existing systems and infrastructure to creating sustainable solutions where we take great account of the heritage that our customers neither want nor can replace. We are not restricted to work with only selected suppliers, and our experience and domain knowledge in automation and system integration means that we can create total solutions for most of the ecosystems our customers built up.


Digitalization is more than connecting machines to the cloud and developing some cool apps. It is a continuous process of creating new customer values ​​and optimizing its business model.

At Connectitude we have a broad mix of specialists in automation, UX design and software development. We help companies and organisations take the steps towards more agile strategies for developing competitive products and processes. We offer our knowledge in digitization both in the form of ready-made offerings with workshops and training courses to fully customized advice and mentoring.