Why IIoT and Machine Learning

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At Connectitude we are experts in industrial digitalization. Our product have the tools to become data-driven and the flexibility to suit your specific needs, machines and production.

So why (IIoT) Industrial Internet of Things and Machine Learning (ML) you may ask yourself?

Richard Irwin explains in the article “Combining Machine Learning with IIoT Should Be Your Priority” how the combination will help you to save money, improve uptime and performance.

IIoT has really accelerated since the German Government in 2011 created their strategy, Industry 4.0. A massive amount of data has become available, data that no human can analyze quickly and effectively. This is where Machine Learning comes in hand. Machine Learning is able to give accurate forecasts in for example Predictive Maintenance(PdM) use cases. Irwin summarizes it by saying that “The “Industrial Internet of Things” and machine learning should no longer be considered just buzzwords – instead, put together, they should be your number one priority.“. We could not have said it better ourselves. Read more about what we do here.

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