Connectitude IIoT Platform™


Make it easy for all your systems to communicate and work effectively together.

◦ Use API’s for reliable real time communications.

◦ API’s are deployable on Cloud services and local edge softwares.

◦ Use File Sync for schedueled transfers of data batches.

The platform is built for safe communication with your other business systems and data sources such as ERP, CRM, MES etc. The communication can be in real time or managed as schedueled updates of data files.

●     REST APIs ensures standardized development and management. Get any raw data or just calculated values with extensive API options.

●     For applications that must be able to communicate regardless of bandwidth, API integrations can be deployed directly to softwares on local edge.

●     For integrations and file transfers not suited for realtime communication, the File Sync tool can scheduel and conduct your import/export routines.

●     Access rights for API keys are as safe and granular as the rights for users and user groups, yet equally easy to manage.