Connectitude IIoT Platform™

Remote Success

Save time for yourself and your customers through faster troubleshooting and less travel.

◦ VPN for secure access to connected devices as PLC:s and HMI:s.

◦ Video Support with markup tools for easy communication.

◦ HD video capture, conditioned by alarms and events.

Sometimes travelling to clients don´t add extra value. Use time and money wisely by solving more tasks with effective tools for remote assistance and troubleshooting.

●     The platform’s local edge enables safe VPN connections for remote programming of connected devices such as PLC:S, HMI:s and sensors.

●     With markup tools for remote cam video streams, support and service staff can pinpoint, highlight and communicate more effectively.

●     Monitor your process with HD video.  Alarm and Events control which video clips are saved to the timeline.