Integrated Webshop

Make it easier for you and your customers to order materials and spare parts on time

Smarter handling for orders of spare parts, consumables and services

Eliminates many and timely steps for the customer to make the purchase

Fewer returns and support cases when the right items are ordered immediately

Simplifies efficient planning of service assignments and spare parts inventory

Integrated webshop means smarter handling for orders of spare parts, consumables and services. Your machines detect when it’s time to create a purchase proposal based on history and measurement data.



Create tailored purchasing proposals based on the number of cycles run, load and other measured values. Your customer avoids unplanned stops and urgent orders for spare parts.



Fewer costly incorrect orders when your customer does not have to look for spare parts in catalogs and on websites. Your sales department sees the connection to the machines and all previous history.



Integrated web shop reduces the risk of customers being tempted to buy from a competitor. Your sales department can act quickly if the purchase proposals do not become orders.

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