Connectitude IIoT Platform™

Process View Designer

Share public information in style and illustrate your processes graphically.

◦ Visualize your process by drag-and-drop of icons, texts and values.

◦ Share real time values and KPI’s in a fully custom designed dashboard.

◦ Create dashboards that can be used as remote HMIs.




The Process view designer is a very versatile tool to create graphical presentation of data. It can be used to illustrate schematics of your processes as well as visually share KPIs and live data.

●     Easy to use
Upload design items as illustrations, animations etc. to the media library in various file formats. Drag, drop and combine with your real time values and historical trends.

●     Trigger visual alerts
Add triggers as alarms and logial expressions to your values and graphical objects. Highlight parameters with changes of colours, visual effects and symbols for various conditions.

●     Effective online reporting
You will have various tools for creating dashboards designed for sharing vital information. Use pie charts and historical trends for graphical presentation of KPIs.