Timelines and graphs will make it easier to identify trends and anomalies in your data.

Connectitude IIoT Platform™

Create monitor groups with the vital parameters of your processes and KPI’s.

Select a time range and hover along the timeline for detailed information.

Add selected alarms or events to the timeline to identify probable causes and correlations.

With Trends you can quickly do visual analyzes of trends and patterns for anomalies. Ideal for comparisons of objects for optimization.


Easy to use

Select relevant parameters to a monitor group from a drop down list. Able or disable chosen parameters in your graph for an autoscaled view with zoom functions.


Faster troubleshooting

Add alarm code and events to the timeline. A quick glance on the graph can expose the triggers or give a hint on what to investigate further.


Dare to compare

Side-by-side comparisons of graphs for machines, buildings, work teams and more helps to disclose parameters causing variations in performance.

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