Connectitude IIoT Platform™


Being on top of things means always being updated. Get full control with real time values.

◦  24/7 access to your most important data.

◦ Create groups of values for fast toggling.

◦ Calculate new parameters with expressions.

A quick glance on the value widget will provide you reliable real time information. Values and calculated KPI’s gives you a straight answer if you need to take action or just relax in a confirmation that all is well.

●     Access all your data
Controlled by the access rights, you can use all your authorized data to create value widgets. Just scroll, or use the search functions, to add new parameters.

●     Arrange your values in groups
Having many parameters of interest, you can organize them into groups. Toggle between your groups for structured overviews. Have your most important values in the default view.

●     Calculate new parameters
Combine data in mathematical expressions for calculated values and KPI. Just drag and drop your chosen values and functions to create an expression.