Connectitude IIoT Platform™

Alarm Manager

Get notifications and instructions for actions, before the damage is done.

◦ Take instant and predefined actions on incoming alerts.

◦ Delegate alerts manually or by automized procedures.

◦ Analyse alarms and responses for continuous improvements.

In Connectitude IIoT Platform™ it is easy to set different alarm levels on your signals and values.  You can combine multiple parameter to create more complex conditions for alerts. Connect your alerts to workflows and monitor response times and the actions taken by your staff and third-party service suppliers.

●     Design individual alert subscriptions
Get a confirmation when production batches are completed, get warnings when critical values have a negative trend. Combine events and values in expressions to create your own parameters and conditions for alerts.

●     Delegate actions and notifications
You can acknowledge or forward an alert manually as a link or text message. You can also predefine workflows for your alarms to automatically assign various actions based on your staff’s competencies and duty schedules.

●     Analyze causes and response times
Alerts can be matched with trends in all monitored parameters. It makes it easier to visually spot patterns and anomalies before and after an alarm has been triggered. Responses in your workflows are logged with time stamps.