Connectitude IIoT Platform™

Manual events

Easy recording of manual events gives you better insights and more effective workflows.

◦ Track the time allocated for manual actions and ad hoc events

◦ Add photos and movie clips for better documentation of events

◦ Report errors and delegate tasks to your colleagues or external partners

Create routines to report manual events,  with a tool that is quick to use and allow feedback. Time allocated in various categories of manual events will be easier to track, analyze and visualize.

●   Designed for speed
Send a text message or a photo from a mobile device. Add an event category and your post will be directed to the concerned users.

●   Designed for feedback
Track and get notifications from your delegated tasks. Comment on actions done or send a thumbs up to a suggestion for improvement.

●   Designed for tracking

Time allocated in manually performed processes, for example assembly or service, can be documented by using start and stop buttons in a manual event. Add a serial or batch number to allow a more granular tracking.