Edge computing explained

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At Connectitude we are experts in industrial digitalization. Our product have the tools to become data-driven and the flexibility to suit your specific needs, machines and production.

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Cloud computing is surely something you have heard of before, but how about edge computing? Edge computing becomes more and more common for each day both in the consumer market and in the manufacturing industry. In our segment, edge computing is tightly coupled with IIoT. Diego Tamburini’s article, Enabling Smart Manufacturing with Edge Computing,  highlights that the device not only sends data to the cloud but also compute and performs actions from the result of the computation. Diego Tamburini continues to explain what you gain with edge computing such as real-time insights, reduced bandwidth, sensitive data stays in the factory and lowers the connectivity cost.

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We are experts in industrial digitalization, on how to become data-driven and would be happy to assist you in your thrive for success.

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