Get full control and overview with a single system

Collect all operating data in a modern and brand-independent platform. Share selected information with tenants in real time.


Add great value to your business

Get data from DUCs and meters from different makes in a uniform format.
Get forecasts for heating and cooling etc based on present values and history.
Be proactive
Get alarms before values get critical or consumptions are unnecessarily high.

Flexible and functional – working for your needs

Energy optimization and accurate forecasts based on historical data for many variables.
Process view
Create 3D models and 2D sketches quickly and easily with image objects and measurement values.
Alarms and Events
Work schedule and eligibility direct alarms to the right person. Delegate and get updates on actions.
Zoom in on data curves in time axes. Compare different periods and properties with each other and find deviations.
Create attractive reports, linked to measurement data. For internal use or as billing documentation.
Manual events
Register manual efforts for useful data on cases per object and time for actions etc.
Publish or update documents simultaneously and securely for all affected employees and tenants.
Collect tasks, conversations, files for specific rental properties and processes in shared workspaces.
Industrial Protocols
The platform is compatible with DUCs, PLCs and sensors etc with different fieldbus protocols.
Present relevant information in the right way to different stakeholders, with secure authorization.
Comprehensive APIs for securely transferring data to external systems for rental invoicing etc.
Wireless devices
Supports communication with wireless sensors and hardwares over Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa and more.